Welcome to Cameron Hussey Engineering

Cameron Hussey Engineering is a business based on a lifetimes experience in the specialized production of loose leaf salad & mixed herbs, as well as plain lines like Baby spinach, Roquette & Cos.
Dubbed 'The innovators', the families' farms pioneered this specialist area.  With this background coupled with engineering qualifications, Cameron Hussey Engineering is based on sound field experience from its earliest beginnings when most of the work was done by hand.
The business is now recognised in every state for the design & manufacture of high quality, well applied, well trialled & proven equipment for the Market Gardener.
Cameron Hussey Engineering provides a full machining and fabrication workshop including CNC plasma cutting and onsite service.
Field service and follow up are the proven strengths of Cameron Hussey Engineering policy.
Located in Somerville on the Mornington Peninsula just south east of Melbourne.
3 row bedformer